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Does any body know about the program at Decker school fo nursing.Is it too competitive. How is the school.What do they more weigh in . What si the required GPA they need for sciences.. Copy%20of%20wink.gif:yawn:


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Are you going for a second bachelor's degree, or are you interested in starting as a freshman? I don't know anything about the competition/GPA/etc for the traditional 4 year program (for those starting off as freshmen). I do know that it has a good reputation.

Now, if you're interested in a second bachelor's degree, I believe it depends on whether you're applying to the accelerated (1 year) program, or transferring into the traditional two year. Transferring into the traditional program is more competitive than the accelerated program, considering they have something like 15 seats available, while there are about 90 seats for the accelerated. I was told that this application cycle turned up GPAs of 3.2 - 3.4.

I am thinking about applying to the accelerated program, either at Decker, or at SUNY Buffalo. Hope this helped!


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You know.Have you applied there. I 'm a freshman student right now but I will be a transfer student by the time I apply .Do you know my friend how many seats willbethere for transfers or do they need all A in science classesquestion.png


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I am about to graduate with my RN from Broome and I have got accepted to BU's 1 yr accelerated RN-BSN program.

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