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Decisions. Decisons...

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I am about to graduate nursing school and with graduation coming up I am really beginning to think about my career. I have been a pct in the hospital environment for almost 6 years now and have worked many areas. Around 2 years in I started working in an ICU and loved it, I have been convinced ever since that critical care is where I want to be. However, I am the type of person that likes to experience new things and stay on my toes so I took a job in a pediatric "LTACH" type unit. I had been so set on doing adult icu and this job has caused me to reevaluate. The pediatric unit I work on now is AMAZING. In the sense that management is great (something Iv learned is extremely hard to come by) and the teamwork is exceptional. we have trach vent kiddos and I just love them to death. It is physically an easier job, however skills wise it is my as challenging. For example on this unit the bedside nurse never calls a physician. The charge nurse always calls for you, you never start an IV (they have a team that comes to do it), the bedside nurse is not allowed to do a lot such as central line dressing changes etc. While these skills are not all my nursing career is about I am trying to not get caught up on that. But while taking care of kids has been far more rewarding to me on a personal level, I really feel like I am missing out on the autonomy and intellectually challenging aspect I witnessed in an adult icu. So basically my decision is... Do I stay at a job that has great teamwork and great management and is fairly easy but i fun the

Teamwork and great management is the 2 main reasons I would try and stay right where I am.

If there ever comes a time you would like to do more, in the future you can transfer to the IV team. As time goes on, perhaps you would be charge.

I get that the clinical aspects of many things is pretty awesome. I also get that calling the MD is getting the exact information that you need yourself without a middleman. However, you are with a patient population you love (and BLESS YOU for that!! Tough gig!!) with management that rocks. Any number of nurses can't say that multiple years into a position.

With all that being said, being a primary nurse as opposed to a PCT will be different for you. You may find that the challenge of what you are able to do as opposed to the IV/orders part is fulfilling enough.

Best wishes!!

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If you want more autonomy and more practice experience why not try transferring to a pediatric icu? You'd be able to do more of those things you saw in the adult icu but still work with kids.