decision between Med surg or tele RN positions


I am having a tough decision deciding between these two RN positions after months of applying. My long term goal is to work in the ICU, so i need some advice. The Med Surg is part time, while the tele is fulltime. However I am going in school completing my BSN and I 'm married with a baby. I want to learn and get experience, and do not want to be overwhelmed. Help!!


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If it were me with a new baby and still being in school I would take the Med/surg part time position. Unless there is some dire circumstances where you need the money you are going to burn yourself out with a full time postion/new baby/school. Just my two cents!


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I work in a Cardiac ICU. Take the tele position and don't look back. They'll teach you there how to read rhythms and you'll get experience with chest tubes and various cardiac pathologies (and possibly ACLS?). Trust me it will make the transition to the ICU that much easier. Med/surg you won't get any of that. You won't be overwhelmed, and I'm sure you'll be able to give away shifts whenever you want. The first chance you get to decrease your FTE, TAKE IT.


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the recruiter called back after i told her fulltime is too much for my courseload and reduced my FTE to 0.6. I'm going with the Tele position and I know I am going to love the new experience. Thanks for the advice!