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Deciding on a Job offer HELP!

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So I have Interviewed with 2 different RN Jobs this week, one for a school nurse and one for assistant Director of Health Services at a memory care facility. I have been told by the school It is now between myself and one other applicant. I am thinking I will also get an offer from the other position but not as soon as the school offer would be.

I would prefer the school position unless the ADHS has WAY higher salary. So my Question is If i am offered the school job tomorrow, what would you guys do in my position?

Just Accept and forget the other position? How would I tell the other job I was no longer Interested?

Would it be rude/unacceptable to tell the school I was very interested but would like a day or two to think it over/talk over with spouse? (In hopes the other position might make an offer so I can compare?)

Just looking for advise, its possible I wont get an offer at all!

Thanks everyone!!

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Never jump at any job offer. What ever position you are offered, ask when is the follow- up to discuss/ negotiate salary and benefits. Your offer letter would then be based on this negotiation.

This not only gives you time to compare offers. It could get you some more $$$ !

Best of luck, let us know how it went.

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