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Deciding btw next jobs: best experience for risk management?

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I have done some research and think that RM could be a good fit for me and try heading in that direction.

In the meantime, I have a job offer and a couple potential offers that I am trying to decide btw.

The last 2.5 yrs I have worked as a float rn for clinics affiliated w a local hospital ( mostly internal/family med, also rheumatology, a bit of infusion, and urgent care). I have remained per diem at the hospital on the acute/locked psych unit)

Prior to that,

My background is a combo of outpatient/community psych( w health and wellness education focus), inpt psych in an acute care hospital (1.5 yrs ft, 5 years total w per diem), inpt psych consult case management in a major academic acute care hospital (2 years ft, 3-4 years total w per diem), and 6 or so years of per diem/part time inpt psych in freestanding community psych units.

Job offer 1. Nurse manager at new community Medicaid funded program to integrate behavioral health and primary care for folks w serious mental illness via case management. Would involve supervising 1-3 nurses and possibly 2-3 bachelors level care coordinators, also have My own caseload. Mostly telephonic outreach, some groups and in person mtgs.

Opportunity to get involved in contract negotiations and quality improvement acticities/data collection/ reporting but majority of work is clinical.

I used to work for the company, really like them, and know my potential boss outside of work. It is a small company so there is more of an opportunity to give input.

Potential job 1. Ed rn at small community hospital. Hospital slated to close in 1 yr but guaranteed a ppsition at sister hospital that is expanding their ed. I have always wanted to work in the ed, and really liked shadowing there but don't think I want to stay there long term since I am an introvert, like having the chance to get away from pts during the day and work alone, and don't love hands on Pt care. I also have been spoiled w my 45 min in interrupted lunch breaks which I have heard I won't get in the ed (not even 30 or even a an official brrwm). I have shadowed for a total of about 6 hrs at this ed and have shadowed at Eds before. The variety, excitement, and learning opportunities draw me to it, but I know it will be a hard learning curve. I get bored easily which is the worst thing about my current job and I know I wouldn't be bored there. They are checking references ans manager has said shed like to hire me but can't start until august

Potential job 2. Informatics job. Part of a team who works w clinical staff to improve documentation, get needed reports, help staff w epic questions and issues. Am interested in informatics but mire interested in quality/RM.

Any thoughts on whether the first 2 jobs would help getting rm job? The first one gives me manager experience and some exposure to quality which would help

But I also see most RM jobs are in the hospital and my only hospital exp is psych so I am wondering if having ED exp would make me much more marketable

Also I could stay at my current job and apply to some QM jobs.

Any thoughts from an RM perspective on what would be most desirable?

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