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Does anyone have a program at their hospital that is for nurses to debrief themselves from a traumatic/stressful day? What I mean is someone to talk to to let yourself down from a situation. I have heard of a program involving CCU, ER but not really anywhere else. I just believe that nurses carry too much around on their shoulders without really anyone to listen to them. You can talk to your coworkers but they are biased and have their own problems. Family, usually don't want to listen because they just don't understand. What I was looking for was a place where nurses could talk to nurses, like here, but in their own facility. Because face it, you could talk to a counsoler all day long and they still wouldn't understand like a nurse.


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I wish we did in I.C. U. but we don't , I think it would help delay the "burnout" Sometimes you just get the feeling that no one really has the time to listen. hummmmm such a state we are in!.....imaRN

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We have a critical incident debriefing team at our hospital. it is comprised of social work, pastoral care and nurses (I think). They will come in at any time to help the team after a bad day, case etc. Pastoral care and counselling is often a good support for nurses.


57 Posts is a great idea..and if your hospital doesn't have one..maybe you should try to start one... but in the meantime...if things are really getting to you, I reccommend the following..if you have vacation time...take a 4 day weekend...and GO somewhere... start a journal...I call mine the Journal of first it was a complaining --years later---I have decided it is the start of a book I hope to write as I get older about the state of nursing thru the years ( I have thought about calling it "THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY " lol!!) but it does help. talk to your pastoral care people...or if you are a private your own priest/ one is perfect...maybe God is calling attention to another path of life for you...??? like if your on the floor to change and go to a unit. A change in position also might help if you are unhappy about where you are. but usually the grass is no greener on the other side...either way, I hope the best for you...and use this forum !!!..I did when we had gangbangers come into our unit...the feedback from here is caring and can always e mail me too!!!! my mottoe is NURSES UNITE!!!! big e hug coming at you!!!!

You know that it did start out as being a personal issue. But everyday you see nurses that have been on the job for 2 years plus complaining about the day that they had without really anyone to listen to them and say you did the right thing. I can understand what you went through, and wow, that must have been hard. Did we not learn anything but in nursing school to be caring and compassionate, to be great listeners. Why can't we listen to each other. I guess that yes, my new mission is to make nursing better for everyone else, including myself. I do want to present this idea to my organization but I am afraid that I won't be taken seriously. I would like to format a proposal and do some research. Would anyone be willing to help in my process?

For example, My day started off with students, a fire drill, walking into a patients room finding them passed, getting an admit, hanging blood products, the patient having a reaction, the doctor yelling at you etc, etc, etc.

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