Debating on local school in Virginia

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Good afternoon everyone! I have been taking pre-nursing classes to apply this fall at TNCC (community college only 15 minutes from my house offering an ADN program). I'm torn where to apply. I'm confident I would get accepted at the community college to start January 2021 for the ADN program, however their NCLEX pass rates aren't that great. There are other programs in the area at better schools with better pass rates, but the application period isn't until 2021. Just to name a few, BON Secours has an amazing BSN program I could apply to in January 2021, but they are an hour away from me with about a 25% acceptance rate. Riverside college of health careers offers an ADN program but about a 40% acceptance rate and about 45 minutes from my house. Another option is the Sentara college of health careers offering a BSN, again highly competitive and 1 hour from my house. I would love feedback as what you lovely ladies and gents would do.

In my situation, I was in my upper 20s so I felt an urgency to start right away and my GPA was pretty bad from my time in college so I went with the ADN program with a low NCLEX pass rate. The low pass rate didn't bother me because I learned how to study effectively after college (unfortunately) so I am confident in my ability to pass the test with or without a great school. If I was younger and had a better GPA would I change my decision? Yea, I probably would try and go for an accelerated BSN or a good 4 year BSN program but I am completely fine with the decision I made and how everything played out. So for you, I think it comes down to urgency, GPA, tuition, commute times, and how comfortable you are in your study skills/work ethic.

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Thank you for your feedback! I guess my only concern is wanting to get the best education I can for the money. I'm worried the low pass rates will mean I won't get an adequate education, I don't know if that's the case or not though.

Well yea the quality of education is certainly a little suspect at my program and that's putting it nicely. I would imagine the program in your area with the low pass rates is similar to mine but that's just an assumption. If your more concerned with getting an adequate education I would probably invest a year or so to get into a better program. I don't know your stats or anything but as long as you don't have a GPA under 3.0 its probably worth the investment. You can get by in the low pass rate program with hard work and learning things on your own but I definitely would not recommend it if you don't have to do it.

I applied to BON Secours for January 2021! Did you end up applything there?


I’m not eligible until the Spring application period. When do you find out? Their very competitive! 

They definitely are very competitive! I find out by October 15th the latest, but of course I am hoping I will hear back a little sooner. I can let you know about the application process after I hear back. I've heard the essay is really the most important part of your application for them, so if you plan on applying just make sure you spend a good amount of time on that once the essay topics are updated. Keep your fingers crossed for me! September feels like it's going by very slowly, I can't wait to hear something.