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I just started looking into Deaconess and am waiting for my info to come for the ASN distance prigram. Actually, I think I will do the LPN course and then take the ADN here at the local college. The wait list for ADN here is 2007 for the first opening! But, you can get right in if you're an LPN. It's nuts.

I'm wondering a few things:

Do we have to arrange our own clinical sites? If so, can we go to any hospital/clinic that will take us? Has anyone had trouble finding a site?

Also, how often are we required to go to MO to the school? I live in WI, and need to find out if I can go to Deaconess and still get licensed in WI. It's a long way to MO, but I can manage if it isn't too often.

The cost is also an issue. But, it will save on having to drive 160 miles a day to the next nearest nursing school, and I can keep my job while I do clinicals, so it's worth it. How far are you all into the program and how do you like it so far?

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Hi: as far as I understand--you have to find a hospital that can work with you in your area...try a nurse educator or someone you may know as an EMT//also, you go to MO about two/three times a year...but, you do not start the clinicals until the second semester of the LPN/they give pretty good loans, etc//hope that helps...I have just researched them and know--but, I am now going for a BSN--since I am a second degree student.

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Have you thought about enrolling in Excelsior's ASN program? As an EMT you would be accepted. You could take pre-reqs at a local college or do it all through testing. Just my $0.02.


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i have heard of this deaconess program but noone has yet told me what it is .can someone or rather would someone please enlighten me about this program ? i would feel so happy and exhilarated if you would please help this inquiring nursing mind.:chuckle :eek: :rolleyes: :roll


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I am currently a Deaconess student so hopefully I can answer some of your questions.

1. Yes, you have to arrange your own clinical site. This can be very difficult or very easy, just depends on the willingness of your local hospitals. While it might take awhile, you should be able to find a hospital willing to work with you.

2. You are required to go to St. Louis once at the end of each semester for four days. It really depends how long you will be attending on how many trips you will make. If you are an LPN transferring in you may only take three semesters with Deaconess which would require only three trips to St. Louis.

3. The tuition is quite expensive. You can apply for financial aid to help ease your portion of the tuition owed each semster.

If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.


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