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DE-MSN...Advice needed please! Esp with GPA


Direct Entry Master's Programs! I have no CLUE WHAT TO DO!!

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Hi Everyone!!!

I have a couple of questions that I just need advice on because I am really lost. I am in my last semester at UC Berkeley and realized that I want to be a Nurse Practitioner instead of doctor due to volunteer experiences. I know a couple of people who are nurses that suggested that I try to go into the Direct Entry Master's Programs here in California. However, my issue lies within my GPA. I currently have a 2.87 :uhoh3: here and trying desperately this semester to bring it up to a 3.0. I am a Ethnic Studies Major but I did take sciences courses,which were Chemistry (grade of a C), Organic Chemistry (grade of a C-), Organic Chemistry Lab (A-) and Biology, which I took twice. THe first time I took Biology, I was going through a cris and ended up with a D+. I took it over in the summer, but my family had a crisis in Los Angeles, so I had to go down there and help, and it was too late to withdraw, so I ended up with a F :yawn: which they wouldn't remove unfortunately. So now I am stuck because I realize that I can take the pre-reqs at a JC and get all A's but would a direct entry program look bad upon me because of my undergraduate transcript.

My cousin is currently enrolled in a private accelerated BSN program and I am wondering if I should take route. Yet, I would really want to do the direct entry MSN . I plan to reside in the SoCal region after I graduate and have a gathered a list of MSN programs that have a direct entry program. Any advice would help on what I should do because I really have my heart set on nursing but I am just discouraged by my transcript due to so many hurdles.



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Are you already a RN?

unfortunately not....i am trying to apply to the de-msn program that will prepare to take nclex to receive the rn license as well as the master's


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Ever DE program I applied to required a minimum of 3.0 in the pre-requisite courses with no grade lower than B-, and they all require many more than the classes you've listed. You'll need Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Statistics (some required a graduate level class and others just general) and - in some cases - Human Growth and Development and Pharmacology. I don't know anyone in my program who sneaked in with the minimum, either; everyone I've spoken to had at least a 3.5 in the pre-requisites.

Also, these are the same requirements for most basic nursing schools for just an RN. Even the community college where I took my pre-requisites required you to re-take any pre-requisite in which you got a grade lower than a B- for entry into their nursing program.

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ok thank you...i can try to get a 4.0 in my pre-reqs...but most of my undergraduate transcript does not have any pre-reqs for the DE programs..i am just worried about my undergraduate...but thank you for the helpful advice and I will just have to work really hard on my pre-reqs


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Ya, I think they put a lot more weight on the pre-requisites. Plus, if you can get a 4.0, that could bring your overall GPA over 3.0 anyway.

ok thanks for the advice...its just that so many DE programs are do impacted..for example Azusa's DE program is full for 2010 and 2011, and waitlist for 2012, but thanks for the help