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DCN and Florida

I was wondering if anyone has been or currently is enrolled in Deaconess and lives in Florida?

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I was wondering if anyone has been or currently is enrolled in Deaconess and lives in Florida?

Welcome to Allnurses!:wink2: I know someone who just graduated from DCN who lives in Florida so as far as I know Florida has no problems with DCN.

Give DCN a call and try to get some info. Also try the Fl SBON.

Good Luck

Thanks for the reply!

I don't think they have problems either but I'm going to call... Do you happen to know how many states do have problems and which they are? With us being military I want to be able to work wherever we go..

How did your friend like DCN?


Hi...I just completed the LPN component of DCN's ASN program and will be sitting boards in January 2006.

The FL BON has nothing but helpful so far and I do not know of any state that has denied licensure to a DCN graduate. I do know there are states that do not allow DCN students to complete clinical preceptorships in their state, i.e. California, Louisiana, Washington. But I know students from both LA and WA that simply did their clinicals in another state.

Hope this answers some questions for you.

Cheri :)

When you say the LPN component.. Can you explain to me how that works?

Like do I just take the first three nursing courses (I think Fundamentals, NSG 1, and NSG 2) and then I'm eligible? and if I do that and sit for the boards do I have to continue with Deaconess?

Thanks in advance!


The PN Component at DCN is completion of all coursework required during semesters 1-3, along with a passing score on the PN ATI comprehensive exam. Once you have met these requirements the school will send your transcript to the state board and you can sit the LPN boards.

You must take a leave of absence from the program for one semester before moving on to complete your ASN through DCN. If you decide to not reenroll for semester 4 that is your choice ;)

I was told by a DCN instructor that the PN component was included in the DCN program because they knew that there would be students that for one reason or another would not be able to complete the entire program and by offering this option it would allow those students to leave the program with recognition of the level education they completed.

Hope this answers your question.

Cheri :)

Hi all, what is DCN exactly? I assuming FL BON is Florida Board of Nursing? I'm new here and trying to learn some of the acronyms. ;)

Considering several LPN -> RN / BSN Programs currently. Looking for suggestions on something that will allow me to take the NCLEX-RN relatively quickly so I can continue study and move on from RN to MSN.

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