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Dccc 2017 acceptance letters

by Turtlepower Turtlepower (New) New

Felt like I needed to start an updated thread with the latest comments for 2017 program.

Has anyone received their acceptance letters for 2017 program? If so, what county are you in and what was your teas score?


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I did - I'm in!!! Delaware County, got in for the night and weekend program. My test scores were actually lower than I had hoped - 72% composite.

That is wonderful! I am so happy for you :) Did you get in at Marple? Just curious, when did you petition? I didn't get to petition until the day before priority petition closed. I got a 74% composite score. I'm freaking out! I chose chester county, fingers and toes crossed.

Hey everyone, just got my acceptance letter for Marple Day section! My composite score was a 78%, i'm so relieved!

78% composite and I'm in for Marple day!

Marple Day composite 74

Has anyone heard when our mandatory meeting in march will be? Or received anything since their acceptance letter?

HAvent heard anything yet

March 8th for College Planning session

Mine is March 6th. I guess there's a few sessions.


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Yeah, mine is 3/8 @ 5:30pm ... guess there are a few different sessions. And then May 5 for orientation.

Post what sections you guys pick at your planning session!! I'm Marple day Section 1!

Marple Day, Section 1 :)

Has anyone in the Marple day program heard about when we will get our clinical placements? Or has anyone heard from Nancy at all? I'm starting to wonder if I am not receiving emails! lol

I don't think we'll get placed til after the semester starts.. all I've received from school is a letter from my instructor-- nothing else. P.s. I could be wrong about the clinical info but I'm not sure.