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Daytona State Spring 2015 ADN


Hello everybody, today I received my acceptance letter to the Daytona State Spring 2015 ADN class. Just wanted to know if there were any others lurking on allnurse. Please feel free to introduce yourself.

Congrats, Justin :laugh:

I also was accepted for Spring 2015. I'm so excited!

I was also accepted :)

I just got a call today that a spot opened up and that I got in. Very excited :D

Congratulations everybody :) are you guys going to be doing days or nights?

I'm going to be days! What about you?

I'm doing nights because I work night shift as a CNA so I figured it would be good to stay on one schedule lol! I haven't met anybody doing nights yet though :"( you excited for orientation on Monday?

Yeah it probably will help to stay on the new schedule! yes very excited! How about you?

im just a little worried because I'm just waiting on my high school transcripts to hurry and get transferred and evaluated. Unfortunately they didn't get transferred over initially like they were supposed to and so I just found out Monday and sent them out again so that might prevent me from tegistration on Monday so I'm a little nervous but I spoke to the advisor and she said that the school I sent them from is usually foot about getting the transcripts out quick so hopefully that gets done and evaluated.

I got in as well! I am taking classes in DeLand. Anyone else?

Who else is going to be Daytona campus Days?

Does anyone know if we have to wear our uniforms the first day of class?

Does anyone know when we are required to wear uniforms

That is what I was wondering. The nursing office told me its up to the instructor so I emailed but haven't recieved a response. If anyone finds out please let us know!