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Any information on the hospitals in Daytona Beach/Ormond Beach area? Any info would be helpful. Particularly related to Halifax and Florida Hospital Memorial System. I'm a re-entry RN and not at all familar with the current pay scales etc. Recently recieved my licensure by endorsement here. My previous background was in CVICU/CCU/ER and have been out for about 8 years now raising kids lol.

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Ever consider Dialysis?

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Very much as there was also a recent ad for Divita. Most the other dialysis facilities want previous experience which mine is limited to peritoneal and ultrafiltration. I'd much rather go this route than back to hospital actually. If you are aware of any openings please forward lol as I'm ready for immediate employment.

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We are happy to train you. We have a new nurse in training right now. Can you start Monday? :groupwelcome:


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Have you considered working as a RN for Volusia County Schools ..?

I worked in Texas as a School Nurse before I moved back to FL .The schedule of a School Nurse works really well for a lot of moms. No weekends. No on-call. No fighting about who worked what holiday last year. You should be home no later than 4pm everyday...(and that is after you have picked up your kids). You have the same schedule as a teacher.That means Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Vacations can be spent with your little ones. And the nicest part of all is that you still get paid, even in the summer when you are out on vaction. I tell you I miss those days....


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I am here all week. 575 N. Clyde Morris, Suite B. 258-7322:nurse:


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I currently work at Florida Hospital. The ERs are very busy and are usually hiring. They offer FT and Flex schedules. Florida Hospital Ormond has a CVICU/CIU/CCC area. The hospital offers an extended Critical Care orientation (3 months, I think) for new grads and returning nurses. Give them a call.

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