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I was wondering about this thing... I gave my current job a month notice of resignation. Now, during this 30-day period, I had to call out for one shift due to migraine. I was told that I should not take any PTO during this last month, which I never wanted to do as it would make me non-eligible for re-hire and would prevent me getting the unused PTO time as money in my last paycheck.

Well, now I heard something about this callout, something that it might be bad for me somehow. I am gonna talk with the manager as soon as I can... I already wrote in the adjustment book "No PTO" for that day of the callout. I never wanted any PTO for that day, just an unpaid day off! And I am willing to do an extra shift if required to cover that callout shift.

Could they really take off my unused PTO money and mark me not eligible for re-hire just because I called out for one day during my last month in my job? If so, it is so ridiculous! Please tell me I'm wrong and there is some humanity in this world...:cry:. As I said, I will talk to the NM as soon as I can...


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Unfortunately unless there's a union where you work and there's somebody you can talk to about this, you might be hosed.

Then again, a talk to the floor manager (the highest level that we have at our hospital minus the people we never see) can do wonders.


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ithink this is an issue that is blown way out of proportion. nearly every facility in which i have worked has had a policy that you could not use pto to work out your two (four) weeks notice. what this is intended to prevent is someone quitting on the spot, and taking two weeks pto to "work out" their notice, or someone who submits notice and then calls out every shift he or she has left.

these policies, properly interpreted, do not necassarily mean that you can't take pto (if you have given proper notice that you are leaving, and negotiate the time off with you nurse manager) or call out during this time . the last facility i left had a similar policy. when i left i gave my manager nearly six weeks notice. since i provided more than the required notice, i was able to take the final two weeks as pto.

if you have any questions or concerns, you probably need to contact hr as they are usually much for familiar with the policies and procedures than your manage would be.

good luck! :specs:

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