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Hi all!

So I am a career changer trying to get my foot in the door of healthcare. Since I have a ton in student debt, going to school full-time and pay out of pocket is out of the question! So, I found DaVita and learned they train for PCT, even if one has no healthcare experience. That is me! So, I applied and long story short I was offered a job; I am currently in the pre-employment stage, where they do the background check and drug testing. I begin tentatively in 2 weeks.

So, naturally, I have so many questions which I will try to succinctly put together here. I hope that someone will be able to shed some light on some or all of my questions.

1. I know the training is about 8-12 weeks. However, how hard is it? Is it manageable? Is there a lot of chemistry? I heard there is an exam I will have to take at the end of the training, which I also need to pass to stay employed. How hard is the exam?

2. Does DaVita provide uniforms? Paid for by DaVita? 

3. During training and then on the floor, do you get a break to eat breakfast/lunch? 

4. How does the tuition reimbursement work? Does DaVita cover the tuition upfront, or not?

5. Advice on how to handle difficult patients. 

6. What type of shoes I should wear to be comfortable during a long shift?

7. Since you work around sick people and are exposed to blood, do you have to wear gloves/masks and gowns at all times?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi, travel dialysis nurse here. 

1. Trainning is easy, there's a book that Davita gives you and you study from that. High school level content. I think they give you 3 tries for the test (not sure), quality of trainning is based on how organized the dialysis clinic is, most are chaotic. 

2. They do give free uniforms throughout the years. 2 shirts 2 pants, and a jacket 

3. Yes you get breaks. 

4. Davita have their ADN Nursing program through a partnered school, I think there is work commitment with that (unsure).

5. Your most difficult task for newbie is learning how to stick patients, dialysis patients are very picky and sometimes they don't let new people stick them. You have to be firm with patients behaviors, we call the cops a lot on them. Depends the area your clinic is in, most are in the ghetto. You get the idea now. 

6. Running and walking shoes are best, slip resistance. Something you can wash bc blood and bleach might get on them. 

7. You have full PPE when caring for pts. Mask, face shield, gloves and gown. It gets reallllllly hot. 

Most techs don't survive the trial of fire, if you do, welcome to dialysis! It is veryyyy fast pace and stressful job. Once you get good at it, you will like the interactions with pts. I love my dialysis pts. Davita has very high turnover. 


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Hi there! Thank you so much for answering my questions! 

To tell you the truth, I had done my research on DaVita prior to applying and a big red flag for me was exactly what you mentioned in the last sentence: high turnover rate. I mean, all I see on Indeed is DaVita PCT job openings, like every single day, and in multiple locations. 

I was desperate so I applied. I also understand that even if I do pass the training, the hardest job is still ahead...working with patients directly. 

Anyways, let's see what happens! Thanks again!

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