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Hello everyone! I am a prospective nursing student, and basically have narrowed my choices down to either Davenport University or Schoolcraft College. I know the programs are different (LPN-BSN at Davenport, LPN-ADN ladder at SCC), and I'm leaning more towards an ADN program.... I'm just wondering, based on anyone's experiences, which school has the better program/instructors/success rate, etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

Just a heads up, but DU is a BSN pre-licensure program now. NOT an LPN-RN-BSN. They also offer a BSN completion or an LPN. Good luck!

I would check to see that Davenport is accredited. Also the pass rate for NCLEX. As well, look at the difference in tuition. For the LPN, see that your classes would transfer (like anatomy that you took at Davenport, would you have to re-take anatomy for your ADN somewhere else)...

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As a Davenport grad, I can vouch for several things. First, they ARE accredited. Second, they no longer offer LPN-RN, only a four year BSN program. They also offer an MSN online. Their courses are taught by nurse specialists in that field, and you will get more hands-on clinical time than most other nursing programs. They are expensive, but to me it was well worth it. Their NCLEX pass rate has well exceeded the average since their implementation of ATI testing. I passed my RN first try, after 75 questions,

Good luck!!


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