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Hello all! So I accepted my seat for DU's BSN program starting in the fall. I was wondering if anyone here has graduated from Davenport and how their nursing school experience was. Any current nursing students at Davenport now? I am taking a couple classes at DU currently and so far have loved my experience at this school! My advisor is so helpful and encouraging and my professor is very intelligent. I'm just so ready to begin the nursing program and would love to hear from previous/current DU students.

I just accepted my seat for DU at the Warren campus. I am so excited but also looking for feedback from prior students!

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I start Davenport's (Warren) LPN program in the Fall. I've posted and haven't heard from any current or alumni students either. :(

Congrats on acceptance! Im applying for Fall 2015. Do you know what a good gap is to enter the program with and what score for the teas?

I applied for early admission last october and got accepted in december! I spent almost a whole year waiting! Basically any score above a 70 is a good teas score according to my advisor.

I was talking to a senior in the nursing program last week. She told me it was pretty tough but the professors were all pretty good and she was happy and excited to be almost done! good luck!!!

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