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I am a registered nurse from Denmark with a BSN and 3 1/2 years working experience.

I am in the process of getting my NY license and I'm waiting to take my NCLEX exam.

I have been on vacation in NY for 4 weeks and tried to visit different hospitals to get some advice. Most of them are not interested in talking job opportunities until I present my NY license, which is ok, but I really need some advice on this whole process, if I should continue working on getting my NY License.

My biggest concern is the whole visa-thing, which way to go. As far as I know the H1B visa requires me to get an employer who will sponsor me. Another option is a green card, which also requires an employer.

I guess my question is: Does anyone know how long it will take for me to get either H1B-vsa or green card?

I am just a person who fell in love with NY and would love to live and work there. I have no spouse or family living there.

So is the chance of me working in NY a dead end? Should I give up? I don't mind working hard, but am I looking at years of waiting on visa/green card?

Hope someone can help me.



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Most hospitals will not go for H1b as it is expensive and they have to pay. H1b is applied for in April and you can't start working until after your interview in Oct. Only exception is if the facility isn't affected by cap which is usually university hospital. H1b has been used up for this year so earliest would be next April.

Immigration is again employer lead and will take approx 6-7 years currently to get one so it employer and yourself is prepared to wiat then this is the usual route that nurses go under.

Also be aware many NY hospitals just will not go the work/immigrant route due to large amounts of US nurses struggling to find work and will not cost them the $$ that an International nurse will cost


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Thank you so much for the answer.

It does look like it could take a long time.

Would you have an advice on wether or not I should give up or if I should take my NCLEX exam? As far as I've understand, the NCLEX does not expire, and therefore it might be good to have even if it takes many years to get an visa.

I've also read that the NY license expires after some years. Then I would probably have to renew that in case I have to wait for the visa/green card.

I hope all my questions make sense.