Dallas Info & online RN after LVN?



I'm new to Dallas from California. I'm very excited about doing an LVN program, I know there is lots of debate about doing a private school vs a traditional route, but I'm a recently divorced single mom and this is the best route for me. I went to visit DNI, I really liked the school and staff, I haven't been to Concorde or Platt yet, but from what I've read not sure if I still want to visit.

My plan is to do a LVN program at one of these schools and was wondering if I could pursue an RN degree online once I'm LVN licensed? I know I will have to do clinicals at a site, but wanted more info on how realistic it is to pursue a higher nursing degree ONLINE once I am a LVN.

On a different note, I'm currently staying in the Lewisville area(which I like), and was warned about the area where Platt/DNI are located. I have a small child and do not want to live in a stressful dangerous location.

Is it common for me to commute a distance of 20miles one way to school here. Or can someone recommend safer, nice areas that are closer to DNI where I can get a 2 bedroom apt under $800 per month?


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