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Dallas/Ft Worth Nurse Practitioner market (AG-ACNP)


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Just curious if anyone has experience applying for jobs as a new graduate ACNP in the Dallas/Ft-Worth area. I don't have my license yet and wasn't sure how Texas treated applying to jobs prior to licensure. I've applied for a few positions (MICU/ Hospitalist) and haven't heard anything. For what it's worth I've got about as good of a resume for as a new graduate can have, MICU nursing experience/went to good school out of state/relevant certifications etc.

It may just be a tough market, curious what other peoples experiences have been/if anyone has any advice. As a note, I unfortunately I cannot look elsewhere because my wife is a University professor here (harder market than NPs even!).

Numenor, BSN, MSN, NP

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Before I got my ACNP fellowship, I was looking around there and the going rate seemed around 100k +/- 5k. Pretty terrible if you ask me. I made more as a RN.