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Hi guys, I currently work at an Ambulatory primary care clinic. I would like to ask you guys what key points do you discuss during your daily huddles? How many times do you huddle during the day? Are huddles even necessary for work, why? In addition, please share your employer’s cellular phone use policy in your facility. Thank you so much in advance. I hope you guys all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Work in a private practice clinic. No daily huddles.

We can have cells on the floor. No strict policy.

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I work in an ambulatory community health clinic. We don't typically have huddles, but we are a small facility. Often us 3 nurses will discuss in the morning if issues need to be addressed, items need ordering, etc. The schedule is made out the day before and posted on the white board by the supervisor.

As far as cell phones, the MAs are required to have them out of sight and not in use in patient care areas. For us nurses, we are allowed to have them out at our workstation because we may receive work related text messages from one of the supervisors or later shift nurses. We're expected to know proper phone etiquette. Unless I'm expecting a text from my supervisor, I will keep my phone in my desk drawer.


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I predominantly room patients and perform basic POC testing. I use to huddle with my provider with a printed schedule and write down testing or questions that needed to be addressed but now I know my doctor like the back of my hand so I just huddle by myself in regards to the rooming aspect. I just jot down what needs to be addressed or a quick description of why they need to be seen like a hospital or ER follow up, etc. I know that if someone is coming for dizziness or bleeding/anemia I am going to automatically do orthostatic's etc. If I see a complex patient in a visit with an inappropriate amount of time I speak with my lead before hand so she is prepared to potentially step in and know what is going on ahead of time or get my next patient back for me.

We have a phone policy but it is not enforced. I barely am ever on my phone because I am far too busy but I have it on my desk and check it. We have some nurses that I see looking at their phones like it is their job. They don't huddle and do not prepare for their next patients so I guess that is how they have time. I don't like to go into a room blind and my patients often thank me for knowing so much about what is going on and being prepared for visits. I think it is very important to huddle however I think it comes down to each individual's drive to do a good job or a mediocre one.