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Cypress program and math requirement

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Got my notice today that my GPA didn't make their cut so I was put on the chronological waitlist. Enclosed was also this notice:

Starting fall 2009 or after you will need to have intermediate algebra or a higher math to satisfy the math graduation requirement. This change is to comply with the state of California's new math requirement for the associate degree.

I thought I'd share in case others are still filling in their general education and hadn't applied to the nursing program yet. I'm not sure if they would otherwise advise current students but for those of us who didn't go to the school it might help.


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I think a lot of the community college programs are starting to require intermediate algebra or higher.

I wonder if stats counts as a higher level of math? Probably not.

Just one more class I'm gonna have to take if I apply to community colleges.

I'm taking a dosage calculations class at Cypress College and some of the students are currently in the nursing program. Some have said they waited 3-4 years on the wait list. I asked the "lady in the window" of the health science dept. office and she said that the program just started looking at students who applied in Spring 2005! :uhoh3:


Specializes in Emergency Department. Has 7 years experience.

Insane. Why are we doing this?? ;)


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Wow... Looks like I won't apply here anymore. That is just too long.

A secretary in the health science department told me that if an applicant does not have at least 22-23 total points (based on grades in science pre-reqs and english) one should expect to be on the wait list at least 3-4 years. :rolleyes:

A guy in my dosage calc class said that he wished he had known he would wait so long (he's in 1st semester now) he probably would have taken extra classes for a future BSN.

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