hey nurses!

i am confused with the cvs process. i already submitted the needed documents to the cgfns and my current status is now ready to process. what do i do next while i wait for cgfns to process my cvs ny? do i separately now apply to the ny state office of the professions or should i wait for the cgfns to complete my cvs ny before applying to ny state?

i was told by a friend that applying directly to pearson for nclex is faster?

i am so confused of what should be done.


and, would it take long for my cvs ny to be completed if i had a license in the philippines?




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on general, it takes at least 6 months to process the CVS. And if you submitted all the requirements, the only thing you can do is wait.

You don't apply for Pearson directly for NCLEX. They are not the board of nursing. They are the testing company. You can only apply to Pearson for your NCLEX once you are given an eligibility by the NY BON.

Re: submittion to NY BON. It's about timing. If you apply now, then they might not process your application because you still don't have your CVS. If you apply at a later time, then the gap between your NY application and CVS release will just be minimal.

(but i am not registered in NY, so i may have mistakes on my post. but these are the general rule.)

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iamnomad is correct, it takes approx 6 months to go through the CVS process and then another couple of months to go through NY process. Pearsonvue will only issue ATT they have nothing to do with getting eligibility to sit exam.

Also having a Philippine nurse license makes no difference in the process


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thank you iamnomad for the helpful info! :)