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Curriculum in USA


Hi! I am confused about the nursing curriculum in america. Is it different in every state? Or the schools have the authority to make their own curriculum? thanks

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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Each state's Board of Nursing can hold its own criteria for licensure. This is why some nurses can get licensed in one state but denied in another.

This is particularly true in California: many international grads (as well as our home-grown Excelsior grads) are denied licensure because their nursing school curricula doesn't meet CA's requirements. It may meet the requirements of other states and they can get licensed in those states...but CA has some of the strictest requirements out there and if you don't meet them, you can't license or endorse in.

Thanks for answering but how about the curriculum in nursing schools? Do you have a law which governs the curriculum?

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Psych ICU, addictions.

I believe it's up to each state's government. Look up the Board of Nursing for the state you are interested in.

This is a guess as to where are going with this...but the Boards of Nursing usually prevail in legal challenges.


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I agree with Meriwhen- the nursing Boards will be your best resource for this information.

To answer your question in short, yes, curriculum varies some from state to state, as do the ways programs are set up and what they require before starting. However, we all take the same licensure exam in the end.