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Currently an MA, and terrified I'll hate being a nurse once I graduate nursing school

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I am currently an MA and will begin nursing school Fall of 2017. As an MA I am only able to obtain vitals (BP, temp, pulse, resp, etc.), draw blood, and give injections. As of right now, I don't really enjoy drawing blood or giving injections. I'm still fairly new at it and I'm terrified I'll end up hurting someone! However, I love obtaining vitals and getting to talk to the patients.

So my question is, will I make a bad nurse if I already dislike doing invasive procedures? I feel terrible sticking and poking and prodding at people.

The key to what you wrote is that you're new at doing these things, so you still feel uncomfortable.

I dont know any nurse who started out feeling 100% confident with invasive procedures. It takes time to build up your skill and confidence.

Once that happens, you may actually like drawing blood, giving injections, or doing any other number of invasive procedures.

I certainly wouldn't change my career path based on a what if. It's also important to remember that, even after you've mastered these skills, and you still don't like doing it, there are many other areas you can practice in that do not require these skills.

As an MA, you're limited. As an RN, many more doors will open to you. Consider that when making your decision.

Good luck!

Any new nursing student or new grad who feels totally confident in their skills is someone I want to run the other way from, because they are clueless.

You already know that you don't know, and need to learn. So learn, practice, do what every other nursing student who becomes a successful nurse does, which is Get In There and Do It! :)


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