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Current waitlist time at OU for Accelerated 2nd Degree ?


Hey everyone,

I'm currently working as an Interior Designer full-time and am planning on going back to school to get a 2nd degree in nursing. My mom had cancer last year and it was kind of an "A-ha!" moment for me. I've been in the process of taking my pre-requisites at OCC and will be taking A&P II next semester. My goal is to get into the Accelerated program at Oakland University, and I will be able to interview with them after the Winter semester.

I keep hearing from other students at OCC that OU is currently full up until May 2012 for any new applicants to their 2nd degree program! Is this true? Has anyone else come across this? If so, would it make sense to transfer in to OU as a traditional student versus a 2nd degree student? I mean, if it's going to take me 2-3 years before I can even get into the Accelerated program, why not go the traditional route right? What have your expereinces been with either? What would you reccomend? Can you do the Traditional route part-time, and if so, how long would that take?

Lots of questions on my end! Unfortunately, my job does not permit me to leave and go meet with an advisor as my boss is a real stickler for taking time off. Just another reason I'm leaving the interior design industry;)

I appreciate any and all feedback!



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Hi Christina!

I am also interested in OU's ABSN program. At the information session held several weeks ago, they told us that they were accepting applications for the May 2011 cohort (graduating class of May 2012). For the traditional program, which takes three years to complete, they were accepting applications for Fall 2013--graduating class of May 2016!!! As for me, the traditional program is out of the question. I just can't wait that long.

What other schools are you considering? I'm also looking at the accelerated programs at OCC, UDM, and EMU. I really like how UDM's program is structured; however, I'm very concerned about obtaining the necessary financing, as the program is very expensive,

Hope this is helpful. I'm interested to read the other replies to glean further insight into the program.



Hey Wendy:)

Thank you very much for responding! I have not been able to attend an information session due to my work schedule. I'm hearing all sorts of different things from other students that I'm taking prerequisites with, so it makes more sense that they would be accepting applications for the May '11' class, with them graduating by 2012. The guy I spoke with made it sound like they were only accepting for May 2012!

I also was not aware that the traditional program was pushed so far out. I started thinking that maybe it would be easier to get into thinking there was less of a demand for the traditional cohort. Guess I was wrong.

As for applying to other schools, I've already applied to Wayne State to find out what classes I need to complete to get in. As of next semester, I will still need to complete Microbiology and also Developmental Psychology. Unfortunately, I won't be able to take 3 courses next semester with my A&P II, so that makes me inelidgible to apply by June 1st for Fall 2010. Not only that, I've got to decide where I want to take my Microbiology course. Turns out that I can take it at OCC, however OU and WSU don't have the same class stated as a transfer. So silly. You think they'd try to make it a little easier. I can't take the classes right now at OU versus Wayne either as they are only offered during the days, and I need to take night classes. Such is life. Gotta plug along as best I can.

I don't plan on applying for U of M since I live in Troy, but at this point, maybe I will just go ahead and do that even though their pre-req's are slighty different than OU and WSU. I swear, my head is swimming when I think of all of this. Wish I just knew what the best course was.

Best of luck to you!

cd--just to let you know OU's accl program is mainly taught at Riverview (which is farther that UDM --mercy..just to let you know.

Thanks Lisa. I did not know that, but I'd be completey fine with it. I live right next to I-75 and can hop on/off anytime:)


Is there a choice regarding where you would to go to for the accelerated program at OU, or do they just place you as spaces open up once you've been excepted? I'm wondering if you can state your preference or not? Are you currently enrolled in the program?

You apply and get in when they have openings. It seems like where the classes are held are really unknown!