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my current situation

by bettyboop30 bettyboop30 (New) New

Hello, this is my first post to this site. Let me share my story. I was accepted in Nov. Of 2013 into an Lpn program,which started in Jan of 2014 . Little did I know I was so not prepared I lasted four months and gave up hope. I dropped all my classes and reapplied. I was told I could not return until spring 2015, however received a voicemail stating I missed orientation back in aug.of 2014. So I went to my school to see what was going on turns out the lady in admissions put the wrong address on my acceptance letter and I could've applied for fall classes, I had not done my financial aid because I was told I couldn't start until spring so I reapplied again hopefully I will get accepted for spring 2015

Why did you feel like you were not prepared?

The pace of the actual nursing program was completely different then what I expected I knew it wouldn't be easy but I thought I would be able to pass like I did with no problems in my prerequisites classes I've never had any experience as a c.n.a or anything and most students in my classes were either c.n.a or it was their second time around. But what I did learn is that I had to change my way of thinking. I know now that I need to practice N-Clex ?s because all of our test are set like those questions and I had trouble understanding them. I also should have got some tutoring before it was to late