Current LVN. Should I be in a rush to get my RN?

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I recently graduated as a LVN in September of 2009 and I have been working in Corrections for 3 months now, im starting to feel limited as a LVN and want to hurry up and get my RN. Although I found a private college that will admit me in they're 11 month bridge program, they still require 10 prerequisite classes, or I can do the 30 unit option and take like 2 of the prerequisites.

Anyways, I been doing some research and it seems like now a days people "RN" new grads are having trouble finding hospitals that will hire them straight out of school. I know the prison system will pick up a RN in a jiffy but I really do want to work in the hospitals.

With that said, should I really be in a rush to hurry up and get my RN finished? I mean I know it wont happen over night but I think about it so much that its starting to stress me out and really make me hate my current job more and more everyday as a LVN.

I plan to take 3 prerequisites a year starting in JAN, which could probably take a little over 3 years to complete assuming I pass the first try. I just feel really overwhelmed and need some advise or words of wisdom from people. ANYTHING THAT INSPIRES WILL HELP !!!

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