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I was wondering....

how long is the wait list for someone going in the program as an LVN? Is it the same as if you weren't an LVN?

Because I know that the wait list for someone finishing all prereqs but not as an LVN will wait 1 to 1 1/2 years.

The way I see it, it seems as an LVN you wouldnt have to wait as long. The wait list is becuase of "limited space", but within the first year of the RN program many people drop out or fail, leaving space for an LVN student; possibly waiting for only a semester. (I dont know if im making any sense to anyone)

So, for anyone doing or did the "LVN to RN" long was your wait to get in the RN program?


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It really depends on the school you apply at.

I am going straight through to my RN at my CC, but I can tell you that the LPN-reentry has a very long waiting list. Each semester has 40 slots. The LPN-reentry applicants are slid into the slots vacated by students who either didn't pass the previous semester or who aren't continuing to their RN. However, the previous semester's RN students who didn't pass & are re-taking the semester have priority over the LPN-reentry candidates.


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There's no waiting list at my school for the LVN-RN Bridge Program. The waiting list for the Generic Program is a semester or 2.

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