curious about dialysis in atlanta - experienced RN relocating


i am relocating to atlanta in january and i am a rn dialysis nurse with 15 years of experience. my experience includes hospitals, home health, clinics, hospitals, prison/jails, and retirement/rehabilitation centers i have a few questions and i hope i can get some answers and a better understanding before i arrive. i plan on living in the atlanta downtown area and i am willing to travel up to 30 miles outside of atlanta.

1. difference in salary for a dialysis nurse working in home health, hospital, clinic, prison/jail, or retirement/rehibilitation center?

2. how professional, available, and flexible is fresenius and davita?

3. is it easy to find side dialysis contract job?

4. where are the most jobs available, in and outside of atlanta?

5. how is the public transportation in atlanta? (i do have a car, its for my son)

6. how easy or hard is it to find a job?

7. is there anything that i should beware of?

8. is there any additional education required for dialysis nurses? (i have an associates, but i am currently taking classes for my bachelors)

9. how is the cost of living?

thank you all for taking the time out to read my post. i am just curious because i do not want to go to atlanta and be surprised. i know the experience that i have, and i do not want to be mistaken for a fool or low balled because i am from another state. all comments are greatly appreciated. thank you again

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I am wondering if I move this thread to the Atlanta forum if you will recieve more answers to your questions?