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CUNY Nusing: Will they look @ my old GPA?


I graduated from BMCC about 4/5 yrs ago, since I been working @ a hospital in the Perioperative department so I have seen 1st hand exp patients going or coming from the OR and even watched cases same as in the Recovery Room and recently had an epihanny and realized nursing is what I want BUT...

I been doing my research and see my GPA is not stellar I want to apply to a nursing program with a 4.0 NOTHING LESS cause I need a seat so I was going to register @ Bronx Community and start ALL OVER not transferring NOTHING coming in as a new admission cause I didnt want my GPA to be used BUT I wanted to know if I come in as a transfer student with they consider my GPA from BMCC or just my courses?

I had B's n better in my pre-clinical required courses such as eng and psy but I have a C+ in soc and not sure if I should just start over so any feedback would be great.

Hunter considers all of your courses no matter what you took.

Lehman only consider your science gpa and they don't consider your sociology gpa.

both of school require NLN score.

you'd better go to school and meet the advisor.

Just so you know, you can't not transfer over credits. It doesn't work that way. You're a transfer student if you went to another college and you have no choice in what grades and classes come or not. You're not a new admission. Most community colleges will only look at the pre-reqa they require for their program, all of your courses will be looked at but the others will just transfer over as P, your GPA starts over but any classes you took towards nursing pre-reqs (ex: A&P, English, Psy) they will count the grade.

Okay great than cause im sorta FINE in that area... the Englishes and sciences I have EXCELLENT grades at but my foreign languages and the courses that went for my degree (Human Services) as the level increased the grades sorta dropped.

BUT my friend who attended BMCC said I can use my overall GPA to apply for the program itself since its over a 2.5 BUT they pay close attention to my pre-clinical courses and since those itself would put me in the 3.9/4.0 area I may have a chance does anyone have any info on that theory?

First and foremost understand that all CUNY colleges use the same application system/process. If one has EVER attended another college, even only for a short period, you MUST apply as a transfer student. Freshmen applications are reserved for those whom have NEVER attended college *period*.

As you already have a degree from one CUNY school, it would be foolish to try and apply to another as a "freshmen" . Unlike ten or even twenty years ago where searching records required sorting through mounds of paper, today only a computer search via your name and SSN will bring up anything in the CUNY system. If you apply as a freshmen and the school finds out, at best your application will be rejected and you will be directed to apply as a transfer student, or at worst the school may suspect dishonesty and not admit you at all. Probably once your application is entered a match of SSN numbers could trigger something. This could be programmed simply to prevent ID theft, but in your case it would show despite your freshman application, you have attended a CUNY college before.

Since one cannot apply to a CUNY nursing program until formally accepted by the college and meeting other requirements, you are putting the cart before the horse. Should you apply and are accepted as a transfer student, your transcript will be evaluated for any previous course work, and credit assigned towards your "new" major as the college via the registar's office sees fit. Armed with this information you could then sit down with someone in the nursing department and plan a course of action for admission.

If you have taken certain classes and passed, but with a low grade, you must find out if taking the class again is even allowed. Should the nursing program consider ALL work, including transfer credits for admission, the repeating a class could go against the rules found in most CUNY nursing programs regarding repeating of courses. Keep in mind also most CUNY nursing programs have rules in place mandating applicants to the program have been formally accepted by the college for a period of time (usually one year), before applying. IIRC, this is done to protect students who have started at the college from the start as pre-nursing students, from being pushed out by students "program shopping".

Nursing involves critical thinking, research and problem solving skills as well as "people skills". If you want to enter a program there is only so much to be learned here, you must do the leg work yourself.

A final bit of advice, don't always put much faith in what other students say about programs/colleges. What is written in course catalogs and other printed material from the college that matters.

Awww thx for the info... But all CUNY Community Colleges accepts all applicants unless there is something missing and BMCC already is taking me. Also Cuny has a website to see what courses would be accepted and used for which type of class if you are coming from another CUNY school I guess to kind of give you an idea of what they're going to use and for what purpose.

I checked the BMCC nursing policy or repeats and this was ALL I found....

Repeat/Withdrawal PolicyClinical nursing students may not repeat NUR 112. After NUR 112, students may repeat only once one of the following nursing courses: NUR 211, NUR 313, NUR 411, NUR 415 (depending upon availability of seats and the student’s cumulative GPA). Students repeating a nursing course are required to earn of “C+ (77-79%) in order to pass the course. If after repeating the one allowed nursing course, the student receives a grade of less than “C+”, the student receives the grade earned, but is automatically ineligible to continue in the Nursing Program.Clinical nursing students may withdraw only once from NUR 112 and be eligible to apply for re-entry into the Nursing Program. Students who withdraw twice from NUR 112 are ineligible to apply for re-entry into the Nursing Program. After NUR 112, students may withdraw only once from the Nursing Program and be eligible to apply for re-entry into the Nursing Program. Students who withdraw from one nursing course twice or who withdraw from two nursing courses following NUR 112 are automatically out of the Nursing Program. Enrollment or re-entry depends upon availability of seats and students cumulative GPA.

Kingsborough considers your English, Psychology, Biology and science.