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Hi everyone! Just want to know what program you were in while taking the pre reqs? Or does it not matter? I'm new to all of this so if anyone can give me some info on the beginning process it'll be really helpful. Thank you!


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Hey i hope this answer doesn't come too late.

When I first came to City Tech many moons ago we were all listed under the nursing program even if we were still completing our prerequisites.

Now a days I believe most of the pre-nursing students are under "Affiliated Healthcare...blah blah" but this was some while back. To get current, up to date information go to you can always read the City Tech nursing website here and you can always go to the 5th floor of the Pearl building towards the end of the hall and request advisement. I would highly suggest the latter because you don't want to miss important deadlines or find out crucial information at the last minute. (Like some one I know who had to wait another semester to apply to the program :whistling:)

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unclassified health. (UCH). The advisor is in Namm 104

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