CUNY: City Tech or Medgar Evers


Im currently applying right now to start my pre-req over the summer. So far City Tech seems to have easier pre-req requirements (its only A&P1, math, eng, & psych) plus the Kaplan entrance exam. I want to try and get these done over the summer so that I can apply for Spring 2014.

Anyone currently enrolled in either off these schools? Im currently leaning towards City Tech because of the easier requirements but also because Medgar Evers only starts their nursing programs during the fall.

But on the other hand Medgar Evers is literally 5 blocks from my house, walking distance. (city tech is close by also but its 15/20 minutes by subway) I dont know which one to do.

Part of me wants to edit my CUNY application to only City Tech because if I apply to both I may only get into one and then I HAVE to go there (because you are required to already have completed a semester BEFORE even applying)