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CUNY BCC Jan 2015


Any bcc pre-nursing students applying for nursing program for spring 2015??

Hi, I'm a BCC student and planning to apply either spring 2015 or fall 15, haven't made my decision just yet.

Hello! Finally someone!! Lol. Just curious, what would make you wait until the fall of next year?

What classes are you taking this fall?

I've been trying to get an appointment for advisement with a nursing advisor to find out deadlines for the application and what dates the TEAS exams are but instead I was told to come in August 11 to the Meister building.. *shrugs*

Do you know when the application is due?

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I'm considering waiting because this Fall i will be taking bio23, eng11, and sio11. So that leaves Bio24(a+p 2) and bio28(micro). When I went to an information session a few months ago, some of the advisors said that students do better if they are finished their bio's before entering the program, and some students have told me that it would be a bad idea, so I'm conflicted. If i entered in the spring i could take bio24 with the nursing courses then take bio28 in the summer session.

About the Teas i believe its sometime in October and from my understanding they send out emails regarding the date and signup deadline. I have no clue when you officially apply to the program, but go to the Meister on the 11th maybe they will answer your questions.

Have you taken any bio classes yet? do you plan to take any after entering the program?

I've taken all the bios, I'm a transfer student from Lehman where I took them so I will already have them going into the program. However I am taking bio 23 over this semester for a better grade. What section are you in for bio and soc?

I know bio 28 you can take along with the nursing courses and it is doable I believe. I found bio 28 one of the more easy and fun classes. Is bio 24 a requirement though? I didn't see either bio 24 or orgo which I also took at Lehman because it's a requirement there. In my opinion bio 24 is more challenging so I would probably do it the other way around so that the summer semester you only concentrate on that one class.. But that's just my opinion!!

Thank you for the info about the TEAS, I was wondering about that because there are no dates on the school website.

Oh wow that's awesome to have completed all your bios, I have many classes left to complete i took chem 02(remedial) and phm 10 this summer. Thanks for the advice regarding which bio to take, taking bio 28 with second semester RN classes will hopefully work out. I want to be at bcc 3 years total no more.

Bio24 isn't a pre-req, but it is a co-req that has to be taken before the second semester in the RN program i believe. They have changed the curriculum beginning fall 14' and the website isn't updated with the new course list, descriptions, and co-reqs yet, but the director of the program gave my phm 10 class a brief run down.

I'm not sure which section I'm in for bio and soc, but my bio is all day Fridays and soc Mon/Wed 3 pm.

organic chem? I know that chem 17 has to be taken I'm not sure if that's organic chem or not

I def feel you on the time limit, I feel like I've been in school forever! I have what feels to me like a jam packed schedule this semester because it's my last semester of pell so I'm taking comm 11, pea, and pharm too. How was pharm???!! I'm kinda nervous about that class. I hear it's a boatload but it's only two credits??

I only have bio lab on Friday, lecture on Wednesday. So we most likely don't have any classes together. "/ That would've been cool if we did.

Thank you for the rundown on the bio requirements btw, I understand now.

I have no idea either, it's kind of confusing coming from a different school because all the class codes are different.

Would you mind exchanging emails or we can fb chat?

That is packed, I'm only taking 3 classes but considering picking up a writing intensive since we need 2 to graduate and I haven't taken any. Phm wasn't bad at all, it was my only class in the 5 week session though. It wasn't challenging for me, and if you have completed your bios already, I'm sure you can handle that class. Its pharmacology computations the math is basic and their isn't that much content compared to other classes in my opinion. The only thing different about that class is small things like showing all math in your work, and following every rule, memorizing abbreviations, spelling correctly, and the fact that your final grade only consists of tests, midterm, and final exam grade. They also offer tutoring.

And we may have lab together my section is D-28, I'll msg you my FB.

So i just realized that i cant send a msg... but my fb is in my profile

Lol. Yea we are bronzes.. We are at the bottom of the totem pole apparently!

So basically it's a math class.. No drugs, contraindications, interactions, etc.. to memorize. I thought it was like a reg pharm class... I'm glad it's not. I can breathe better now!!

Ok I will request you.

oh definitely not, i was under than impression as well, I was so scared, but it med abbreviations, interpreting orders, conversions, calculating dosages, IV calculations, etc...