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Hi, I just wanted to begin this forum to see if anyone is also waitlisted for the CUI ABSN program for Summer 2024?

Specializes in CPT 1, Home Health Aide.

Hi, I was admitted into the hybrid program but am now thinking of moving over to Irvine location and applying if I have to for Summer 2024. Did they say this cohort was full for Summer already? 

Hi all, 

I was accepted to CUI Spring 2024 cohort but did defer to Summer 2024. Following this thread. 

@Lauren Longe

Hi! Congrats on getting admitted to the Rancho hybrid location. I am planning on applying to the Rancho hybrid location for Summer 2024 and wanted to ask if there's any specific reason why you're thinking of moving to the Irvine location. It's alright if you don't feel comfortable sharing it, but just curious!

Also, I was talking with an admissions counselor on applying and they told me that they're still accepting applications for Summer 2024 at the Irvine location. So, I don't think they're full yet! 


I applied to the Summer 2024 program but haven't heard back. Does anyone know how long is the turnaround time?

Hi @nurselife38

I heard back with an interview invitation after a week and a half I submitted everything! Now I'm just waiting for their decision ://///. 

Which location did you apply to?   


ah I applied to the Irvine location. Did you apply to the rancho one?

I am nervous too! I haven't heard back for my interview yet ?

Good luck to you! 


Yup, I applied to the rancho one! I feel like the Irvine one takes longer since they have much more applicants! And thank you! Good luck to you too!!



Thank you! fingers cross haha and I just can't seem to find an active cui ABSN Summer 2024 chat where people say if they get interview invites/acceptances. So we will just have to wait!


Yup! It's weird that there's not an active one for Summer 2024. There was a lot for previous terms :(((

The waiting game is so nerve-wracking. Let's hope for the best though! 

oh nice ! I have been waiting to meet my future classmates! I started a thread for those accepted to Summer 2024. but maybe I didn't post it correctly ? 


Still waiting! hopefully we can join you ?

When did you apply and was it rolling for you too? I'm not sure how many people have been accepted to the Summer 2024 cohort yet. 

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