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CT Ultrasound

Klober Klober (New) New

Hello all and thank you for reading..i have searched high and low and am getting a million different answers all contradiction the next :confused:

i want so badly to be an ultrasound tech (DMS) but have no idea how to go about it? I live in connecticut and have no idea:

  • what (if any) prerequisites i need?

  • where to look at schools?
  • are there any vocational schools that teach it?
  • are there any other type of schooling or other degrees i should be looking at?:uhoh3:

sorry for the frantic and all over the place post..i jsut feel so lost and overwhelmed

so anyone who can help this boy out would make me sooo happy and sooooo appreciative!

CT Pixie, BSN, RN

Has 10 years experience.

If I'm not mistaken you need to get your degree in Radiography. You can then go on and get specialized certifications like U/S, CT Scan etc.

You need a degree (associates) for radiography, it is not taught in vo/tech schools.

I happen to go to St Vincents in Bridgeport and we have a radiography program here is the link


here is for Naugatuck Valley Comm College:


STCC in Springfield has a ultrasonographer degree and certificate program. Not sure how close you are to the state line, but it's a straight-shot up I-91 and pretty easy to get to.