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CT or NYC?

Baies2020 Baies2020 (New) New Nurse

Hi everyone! Im a new nurse grad and was lucky enough to receive two ED offers: one at a top 3 ranked institution in NYC and one in CT. Both of them are in the ED. The issue is that I currently reside close to the CT hospital, so logistically that would make the most sense. I would also have to break my lease which will cost me several thousand dollars. The NYC job is also paying roughly around $20,000 more yearly and I do eventually want to stay in NY in the long run. 

Is it worth the hassle and the $$$ to do the move? I've heard such horror stories about NYC nursing that Im afraid it might not be worth it. Thoughts?

I’m not personally familiar with either area, but I think I’d stay put and get some experience. New York seems to have a lot going on right now, and how much is that extra 20K after the cost of living is factored in? 


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