CT CCNP 2023-2024 Waitlist

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Hi. Just wondering if anyone else has been waitlisted currently or in the past. If in the past, what was your experience like and did you get called?

I'm trying to be hopeful  but I just can't see 42 people saying NO. 

I was #36 at Capital last year and they offered me a spot in July but I had to decline so don't be so discouraged!!

Has anyone on the waitlist heard anything yet from their school? I'm number 57 

I have not but I did hear those who were accepted have until May 1st to confirm their seat

Finishing my first year at Gateway. 
Someone was over 100 on waitlist. They keep offering seats until the few days before classes start. 

Anyone hear anything yet? Or from friends? Still haven't heard anything over here ?

melbell23232323 said:

Anyone hear anything yet? Or from friends? Still haven't heard anything over here ?

You should def get in! In the mean time, make an appointment for a physical in July/August and make sure you have COVID vax (no exceptions) + at least one booster. Series in progress is OK as long as you are on schedule. Try to get your past lab work from doctors for proof of MMR, TdaP, etc and you'll need titers or boosters. Saves some stress

I just to update you, I'm #22 and they just called to offer me a seat

I got called today off the waitlist. I was #43 but will be giving my spot up since I am in a different program now. Good Luck everyone!

I got accepted into the nursing program in another school out of state so I will be contacting NVCC about getting off the waitlist. Hopefully this will give someone a better chance of getting in! Congrats to those who got in and good luck to anyone still waiting!

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I just received an email from capital stating that I was waitlisted.... I am number 68... any updates on if you got in? trying to figure out my next plan of action. 

I actually got called in June off of the waitlist. I did get accepted into a different program and gave up my seat so I'm sure someone else down the line got called as well. I wouldn't give up hope. 

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