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CSUS costs for the nursing program

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I am currently hoping someone will respond to this. I remeber before there was an information sheet regarding costs , estimates of materials and insurance. Is it possible if you guys can post how much you paid for health, liability, background and drug screening. I also was wondering what kind of background/dru screen Sac state does. My current employer is going to pay for some nursing program materials and tuition as an agreement of working for them for two years. They only pay for the FBI criminal background investigation as well as a seven panel including alcohol urinalysis. If someoneone could get back to me to let me know if this is what they screen for that would be great Thanks again.

Find the One Stop or Workforce Development site for that state / county. Look up the WIA / TAA training provider list for that state. Search for RN (or LPN if that's what it is) programs and see if that one is listed. There should be a details sheet with the costs, if that program is on the approved training provider list. It will give a total cost for the whole program with all expenses included. OneStop is the unemployment office. Most RN and LPN programs have gotten themselves on the training provide list b/c nursing was rated a "demand occupation" worth state/Fed paying to retrain people for.


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