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CSULB--current students quick question

Hi, I am a nursing student starting spring 2011 at CSULB.

I was wondering if I could ask a few questions that only you would know because you are now a second semester student and I'm just a first semester student : )

The questions are about the textbooks.

I was advised by the Elsevier Representative to buy all these books online in a package from Elsevier (the publisher) that would also include an ebook for all of the books.

However, the package is $600 and I could get all the same book on Amazon or online elsewhere for only $300!

The package here lists all the books : )

ShopElsevier.com - Search for Course Materials

I was wondering, how much help as the ebooks been to you? If so, which ebooks in particular do you find yourself using instead of physical books because you can "search" and "paste" for your assignments? Not just in lieu of say, lugging books around?

Would you recommend an incoming nursing student buying the package from Elsevier or just the books from amazon and then one or two ebook individually? If so, which ones are used the most?

I'm not sure if I should spend $300 xtra just to get the ebooks

Thanks so much!!!

I wanted to save some money last semester so I bought everything off amazon, some new & some used, without the ebook. Ebook is definitely helpful, especially if you're planning on studying lots during your down time. They save you from having to carry those big & heavy physical textbooks (Fundamental & Med/Surg texts). But if you're the kind of person that's okay with leaving them at home & carrying them once in a while, then perhaps you can do without. By the way, ebook can be shared by multiple users. One of my classmates was nice enough to share it with me so I have the option to use it.

As far as the "search & paste", I think it might come in handy with the drug reference & diagnostic and lab reference guides. They might save you some time when you're compiling your weekly care plans. Although typing them manually is not so bad because 1) you won't need to include every single "fact" 2) it might help you remember. Searching & pasting w/ fundamental & med/surg ebook might be helpful when you're compiling your N200 exam study guides. But I think those study guides are meant to be think about & discussed, not necessarily typed out and memorized word for word.

There might be a few more books not on your posted link that you'll need to purchase. If they're the same as mine, then you can definitely get those anywhere. The APA book is probably unnecessary if you're fine with using Purdue OWL. I ended up spending around $900 on textbooks (including patho & pharm w/o any ebook) but the good news is you shouldn't need to purchase any texts for 2nd semester.


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