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Anyone here from CSULB and contracted with LBM Medical Center or know anyone who has? Im considering it but the stipend was reduced by almost half while the contract length is the same. I also heard that you dont have much choice as to where to work and they just plug you where they need people.

That said, job security sure seems nice at this time, and I doubt we'll be out of this mess in only 2 years even with Obama. I dont know how the hiring is in socal, but I understand some regions have alot of unemployed nurses. I spoke to one of the hospital reps, and their numbers have an impressive retention rate, and they claim to offer competative salaries. Since I will be doing most of my clinicals at the hospital, it would be convenient assuming I like it there.

Still, Im a guy and I fear commitment like there's no tomorrow, and this is essentially asking me to commit 4 years into the hazy future. Since the stipend isnt retroactive, the sooner I make a decision, the more money I will get. On the other hand, Im essentially weighing more money against making a more educated decision. It's a tough choice...


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I'm in the same boat with ya. I'm doing the trimester program and being a girl the commitment issue is still the same haha. I've lived in this area all my life and have been anxious to get out and the idea of being stuck here for 2 more years...well...I don't want to complain. It's better that Idaho or Oklahoma I suppose. However Long Beach Memorial is a great hospital to start off with to get alot of experience. My mom worked there for 25 years without complaint but I am also not my mom.

Holy crap, someone actually replied.

I looked at other offers like the state BSN "scholarship" which is basically 10,000$ in exchange for 2 years in a medically underserved area.

Compared to the 8,400$ net from LBM, its a difference but not a huge difference. OTOH, thats if you manage to spend the 10k on non-taxable expenses, which excludes room, board, and transportation (the biggies). You also have to work in a "medically underserved area", whatever that means...

There is also a BSN "loan repayment program" which is also 2 years but you can get up to 10,000$ of loans repayed per year for 2 years. So from a financial standpoint, that may make the most sense if you are likely to be 20k in debt in the end (like me). But then again, I dont know what a "medically underserved area" is like, and with all ive heard about new nurses caving under pressure, Im not sure if I want to dive straight into the trenches.


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yah medically undeserved is like guam or puerto rico (I'm assuming not the resort parts...though that would be awesome), somewhere in the middle of nowhere (probably worse than bakersfield), or an area that's kinda shady like Watts or something .

I think starting off I'd like to work a medically "deserved" hospital for many reasons...

Like you said, I don't wanna dive straight into the trenches.

Also I'd like to wait til my skin thickens a little more. Nursing is going to be emotionally exhausting and it will probably be more so working in an undeserved area...not to say that I never would, but I'm only 21, and I couldn't commit to something that I wasn't sure I could handle b/c there really is no backing out unless you want to pay all the money back...If my first job was in some shady part of Puerto Rico I could definitely see myself as one of the nurses caving in under pressure.

Also, I don't know if you've met with the lady at long beach memorial yet about the stipend but if you've never worked in a hospital before don't even bother talking to her until you've finished your first semester. I will be sending you a private message to share my experience with her just in case i'm being tracked haha.


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Hi! I am new to allnurses.com and I had a few questions to ask. So forgive me if this isn't the correct forum to ask. I am currently an ADN student at a school in southern CA, and I want to upgrade to BSN as earliest as possible, once am done with my ADN. Some time back I heard that Long Beach Memorial was hiring new grads, and they would pay for your education at CSU-LB if you are interested in advancing your career. Does anyone know if they still have such a program? And how hard is it to join? Are there any other programs like that around LA, or Long Beach area? Any reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks y'all.

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