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I have applied to CSUCI nursing program at Goleta campus, but I don't know much about the program. It is very long for an ABSN program (2.5 years). I am wondering whether you can work part time during the program and how job placement has been following the program? Also, where are the places hiring for a person looking for a job in the medical field for the exposure, but don't have any medical licenses or certifications (No CNA, LVN, Assistant etc.). Suggestions?

Thank you!


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Hello! I don't know about this specific program, but I am in an LVN program and the course material isn't too challenging for me - yet it's very time consuming. It's a full time job and more because once you get home you aren't done for the day. You must review the material, study, read etc. and no one in my class really works except MAYBE one day a week and they all end up calling off their one shift half the time for sleep or study time.

Hope this helps you some! Maybe you can help me out! I've been looking into BSN programs for when I am done and looked into the Goleta Satellite one as well, were you accepted? If you don't mind what were your "stats". I'm wondering if this would be a good option for me and it's the closest BSN program to me...just not sure what I need GPA/TEAS wise to have a shot at getting in. Thanks in advance.