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CSU San Marcos Online RN-to-BSN Program on Hold, Terminated?

by Elky Elky Member

I was inquiring into CSUSM's Online RN-to-BSN program today, as a few of my former nursing classmates are already enrolled and have recommended it. When I called a few different advisor/counseling numbers for the nursing dept, however, I was informed that the Chancellor recently sent out a notice that CSUSM is to no longer accept applications for their nursing program at this time?

None of the advisors I spoke to had any additional information. I could not be informed with any certainty whether the hold was temporary, at what approximate date they would consider accepting applications again, or if the program would even return at all.

I was put on an 'inquiry list', and that was all the college could do for me at this time.

I'm not sure if it's just the Online RN-BSN that has been placed on hold, or the on-campus program as well. My emails have gone unanswered.

If anyone here has any further information they could share, I'd appreciate it. I don't plan on attending until January, so I can afford to wait a little until I receive some answers, but I'm definitely going to have to start looking into some other options.


Just thought I would post this email I was sent earlier this month (they still consider me an ongoing student even though I completed the program). I graduated from CSUSM online RN-BSN program last spring (2017), mostly with A grades, and 1 single freaking B.

They are discontinuing the program. From my perspective, either the program was getting students that were not meeting the expectations of the program, or there just was not enough teachers to continue... My cohort had about 120+ students in it! not sure how many continued on after the first 8-week session.

I started in January 2016 and quickly noticed that there were A LOT of nurses who had been out from their ADN program for many years, even decades. Many of the students complained about the technological aspect of learning (computer software, methods of assignment submission... research queries).

I also noticed that some teacher assistants were living in other states, which might indicate there is simply not enough teaching personnel at CSUSM dedicated to this online program.

From the start, there was a bit of confusion as to what to expect as far as schedules. I think this became such a problem that now the school has a page just on this: RN-BSN Sequences |


Also, this program had a particular requirement called Language other than english (LOTER) that had to be fulfilled, either by passing an exam to show proficiency or by taking 2 semesters of a different language. When I was enrolled I was told I could NOT enroll in other CSUSM campus courses to fulfill this requirement (so i ended up taking a community college classes). But I think this LOTER thing also became a conflict and the program started allowing students to take classes from the regular campus offerings: https://www.csusm.edu/el/student_resources/docs/sequences/rnbsncoursesbyterm.pdf

Anyways, here is the text from the email I received on 11/8/2017...

"Dear Student,

Thank you for being a dedicated student in our fully online RN-BSN program here at California State University, San Marcos (CSUSM). As you may have heard, CSUSM is discontinuing the fully online RN-BSN program. As an existing student in the program, or a student commencing in the October cohort, you will not be affected by this and CSUSM will continue to offer the courses you need to complete your degree in your prescribed program sequence. All students in the program should complete their nursing courses (e.g. NURS 370, NURS 352, ANTH 301, etc.) necessary for graduation by December 31st 2018, unless students request additional time which will be allowed under special circumstances.

The discontinuance of the program also does not affect CSUSM's School of Nursing accreditation status. Your degree will still be valid and will be coming from a program accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your completion requirements please feel free to contact us at RN-BSN@csusm.edu

Thank you,

Extended Learning"

Once visited a campus to inquire about a program that interested me, only to find out that it was discontinued. Really disappointed me. Then, for some reason, many years later I looked back and found out the program had resumed. Every time a program ceases to exist, there are many potential students that are hurt by that decision.

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I went to the website today and the program is back on!! I signed up for information. I was going to apply to Dominguez Hills (currently requesting tuition reimbursement from my hospital). If I can get into CDUSM that would be ideal since classes are 8 weeks long. I get $4000 tuition reimbursement per year. And $2000 if I were to switch to part time.