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I'm having problems entering an ADN program in the Los Angeles area -- there's just too many students and so little space. Most programs have lotteries to pick students -- I've done this three times and I feel very unlucky. It's been two years since I've taken A&P, and I'm forgetting more and more materials as I wait to get into a nursing program.

Long story short, I have decided to take my chances in transferring to Cal State LA's BSN program. I just wanted to know if anyone's done this, how competetive it is, and what the atmosphere is like. Would you be able to work part time while attending school? What is the curriculum like? I haven't had much luck pulling up info on the webpages or through e-mailing them.

If any of you who have done this is an international student, Please let me know -- I am an F-1 (yes, tuition is outrageous). Any light that could be shed on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.:kiss


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CSULA school of nursing is a good school. As a matter of fact, they have a high percent passing rate, but I also heard its a hard school. If I were you, apply to any school in SoCal (community, Cal States, private) because the more you apply the better the chances. Usually, the cc ADN programs have a longer waiting period.

Acutally, I heard that Chaffey college (Rancho cucamonga) ADN program has a short wait list if you have all your prereqs and some classes towards the degree, you may be able to get in by the following semester.

Good luck!!

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