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I am a high school student and I am interested in going to CSU Fullerton. I would like to be a BSN, but they have something called an EL-BSN, my question is what is the difference between a BSN and an EL-BSN? Also, how competitive is CSUF? I have a 3.8 GPA, would I be able to get in? And how competitive is the EL-BSN program? Are there any horror stories about students that cant get in?

Thank you!

Hi MosquitoXEL,

CSUF has two BSN programs: Entry Level BSN (EL-BSN) and RN to BSN. The EL-BSN program is for students who are not yet licensed as an RN and typically don't have their first college degree yet -- you fit into this category. The RN to BSN program is for RNs who got their AA degree in a community or private college, took the NCLEX, received their RN licence, and are now going back to school to get their bachelor's degree. You would have to apply to the EL-BSN program since you don't have an RN licence.

As for the competition, I heard that CSUF is now accepting first-time freshmen and upper-division transfer students again. You might have a better chance getting into CSUF as a first-time freshman than if you wait and transfer from a different college. This is from personal experience and the experiences of my friends. When you apply to the EL-BSN program, having a high GPA, a high score on the TEAS, completion of the prerequisite classes, and healthcare-related volunteer/work experience would give you a pretty good advantage (again, from personal experience -- I was accepted to the EL-BSN program in Fall 2008).


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thanks, what is the difference between an el bsn and a regular bsn other than the name?

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EL-BSN and BSN are the same thing... the student trying to earn that degree doesn't have a nursing license yet.