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Hello! I just got my acceptance email from CSU East Bay and wanted to check if anybody else has. I also wanted to get some feedback and advice from last year's first batch of semester students.

For the incoming Fall students, is there anything else that you are doing to prepare?

I also wanted to create this thread to touch base with potential classmates:) and maybe we can start helping each other out.

Tip 1

If anybody wants to learn more before school starts, Contra Costa College offers Pharmacology and Drug Dosage Classes. You will learn how to calculate dosages efficiently and creating charts for your meds. This is also where you start learning to ask WHY? Know the reason/anatomy/physio behind the meds.

Tip 2

KNOW your learning style before school starts. I have heard of horror stories about reading chapters/ hundreds of pages of text and testing about it after a week (sometimes in less time)

Tip 3

Be honest.

Know what your goals are

Why did you go into nursing?

This will help you out when you are feeling low..

Tip 4

Never be afraid to ask for help or advice.

Always know that you have something to learn.

Tip 5

Start reading through NCLEX reviewers and pharm books.

I feel like it is never too early to do so, so you do not get scared of new terminologies and you can start looking up topics, acronyms, lab values, etc. We all know that nursing is an ever evolving career... we will learn something new every day

Tip 6

One of the CSU emails have enclosed a few resources from the campus to get further help, it may help if you explore all the free things they give, we all know after that everything has a price..

Tip 7

Try to check out scholarships, the ones that require essays may have less applicants which increase your chances.

Tip 8

Start developing thick skin. You need to speak to patients, families, doctors, and other nurses about everything (try to be concise).

Tip 9

Know what you cherish most (me time, family time, etc) and give yourself that during wins, big or small... we will need all the support we can get

Tip 10

Exercise, stress relieving, and focus techniques

Exercise keeps the minds sharp and the stamina UP

Know what calms you down or learn techniques, we all need it

Focus techniques will give you the training you want to call upon when you are on your nth page at the 12th hour trying to cram something you just learned into your overstuffed mind.

I have just compiled this list from a lot of resources and still need to work on it myself.

I hope this helps and that I can get advice too:)

I know there are a lot of other tips from other threads but would love to hear some from future classmates!

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Thank you for providing some helpful hints and tips for those entering the program!

Success to all!

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