CSU BSN Programs and Re-Taking Pre-Reqs


Does anyone know specifically which CSU BSN programs allow a second attempt at a pre-req? The caveat for me is I received a 'C' in Statistics way back in 2008, and now that I'm finally able to pursue a BSN I'm seeing this will greatly affect my application in a few years (I'm anticipating Fall of 2017 to transfer because of all of the math I'm going to need to take again).

I've been looking on the various CSU websites and most of them seem to have a strict no-repeat policy. Realistically, I'd have to get an 'A' in all of the science pre-req courses just to get a 3.0 for the separate "Pre-Req GPA", which I don't think is competitive at all (although my overall GPA is closer to a 3.6 or so).

Has anyone been in a similar situation? I don't want to set unrealistic expectations for myself since it's going to take me about a year until I can even start taking A&P I with all of the math classes I still need to take (I took Stats my 2nd semester back in college with essentially no math background).

Thanks for your help!


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Maybe policies have changed in the past few years. When I applied in 2011, most of them allowed repeats. I just scanned SSU's site, and they don't appear to have any restrictions with this. When I applied, they only looked at your most recent grades in your repeated courses. I had a couple of repeats, and I got in.

Try e-mailing the departments, or, better yet, attend info sessions. Ask ask ask!!

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You're right, SSU let's you.

The only three schools I've seen that do are Sac State, CSU Fresno, and SSU.

Kind of limits my options, but I hope to get a head start on all of this (even though it's 2 and a half years away).