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I'm a nursing student currently finishing pre-reqs for transfer. I go to a community college in Glendora and will apply to Cal State Bakersfield in the fall. Is anyone else applying? Have you heard any tips? Visited the campus? I don't know the area too well, so do you recommend living on campus or renting off campus during the school year?

All replies regarding the admission process is appreciated!

Hey there! I made a post regarding for fall 2019 but glad I came across yours haha! I currently go to Bakersfield's CC with Micro left which I'll be taking in the Spring). My boyfriend graduated at CSUB's nursing program this year and whenever I get stressed/anxious about the applciation process, he usually will say to take things on step at a time. It frustrates me that he thinks it's not a big deal since he passed his NCLEX and is working now lol! I haven't visited the campus but my friends say it's a nice campus overall!

What are your stats? Mine are (based on scoring guide):

Prereq GPA: 3.61

Science/Math GPA: 3.62

Both of which, assuming I get an A in Micro of course! If you're interested in checking out the stats for those who got in this Fall and prior years, check out this link (under "Wahts is your program's entry statistics") Frequently Asked Questions (Pre-Admission) | California State University, Bakersfield

Would love to stay in touch throughout this application process!

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I am applying as well, I am still struggling with ATI teas, I have both GPA 4.0 so far. I apply CSULB, CSUb, CSU San Marcos, CSULA, English is my 3rd language and this makes me a little nervous. I hope I can give in somewhere in next September. I am nervous.

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Is anyone get feedback from the school? Now I only applied two schools and Bakersfield is one of them.

I applied to CSU Bakersfield's nursing program for this fall 2019 too, and no, I haven't heard anything back yet...

Does anyone know when we'll be hearing back?

Judging around reading last year’s post, they heard back around early-mid June. I decided not to apply to CSUB and transfer to a BSN program 2 hours away for 2 years!

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