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Moderator: I am aware of the "Shoes" section, but this is more of a local school issue, hence why I am posting it here.

Everyone Else: I am having a hard time finding shoes for the ADN program at CSN. I hear the instructors can be extremely picky about having any kind of color on them, even small amounts of a very light gray stitching. I wear a size 13 with a 4E width. Anyone know where a guy can find some good, comfortable shoes? I've tried Famous Footwear, Sport Chalet, and Scrubtastic so far. Tomorrow I'll go to La Isla and look there, but I am not confident anyone will have a 4E width, or anything close really. Most places I've gone to and called only have M width. I also am worried about sizing because as we all know a 13 from one company could be a 12 or a 14 with another, so I'm afraid to order online without at least trying the shoe on first.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


I know you said you didn't want to order online, but zappos.com is a great site. You have 365 days to return and it's free shipping, both ways, if you have to return them. I did a quick search for your shoe size and width and saw about 5 pairs of all white shoes. So take a look, if you can't find anything else. I've ordered shoes from there before and have always had excellent customer service and fast shipping.

I'm familiar with Zappos. They rock, but I'm very weary of shoes that I can't try on. I ended up finding these at the old Belz Mall on the south strip:

The search for completely white shoes is over. Found these at... on Twitpic

They are comfy, and were only $50. They have a bunch, so if any of the other male students need to find some shoes, give them a shot.


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