Csm fall 2014 wait list


Hi everyone,

anyone know how csm's wait list works? Last year I was number 151 and this year I'm number 21.


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hi! That happened to me too! I was 117 last year and then now i'm 25. Last year I was not invited to the mandatory meeting and this year I am. Did you have to go to that meeting last year?


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Hi, I'm not sure at all. I applied for the first time this year, my waitlist is #80. Looks like there is no way I'll get in. Seems I may get in next year if the trend for everyone's second try is better.

What do you guys plan to do? LVN, or waiting for other programs?

No, it wasn't even mentioned in my letter last year. This year I have to attend the meeting and they want my teas scores. I wonder what are chances of getting in are considering they only take 50?

Were you invited to attend orientation? Even though I'm #21 on the list, I don't know how good my chances are. I guess it depends on how many people accept and pass their teas. I almost went for lvn, but a lot of the private programs I've found are way too expensive.


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I think you have a chance. Just do well on the TEAS. Next year there is merit based system. I doubt I'll be still looking for a school then but, if I do I will certainly get a better chance.

Good Luck

Thank you! I'm done with my teas, thank God!

Best of luck to you as well!! Hope you get in somewhere :)


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Hi guys,

When did you get your notification letters? I still haven't heard anything from CSM :(

I got my letter last week, on Friday I think.

Hi. It does look like being on the wait list the first year of try gives the applicant a better chance of getting in. A CSM nursing student that spoke during the nursing exploration class I attended at CSM said the same thing. She was bumped up on the wait list the second year. I was somewhere in the the 70's last year and this year I got in! I was really disappointed and heartbroken then, but that experience makes it a lot sweeter once you get in. So to those who are on the wait list, just hang in there. I also have a friend who was somewhere in the 20's on the wait list (though many years ago) at CSM and was given a spot. I wish everyone good luck!

That's awesome!! Congratulations!! I have my fingers crossed, the nursing secretary told me they've gotten up to the 20s, but it depends on how many accept and also on how well they do on the teas.

Thank you! It would be awesome if we will be in the same class. I wish you the best of luck!!!